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At Welland Academy we focus on the development of basic skills in Maths. This starts of with basic number sense in the Early Years, fluency and recall of addition and subtraction facts in KS1 and then moving on to times tables in KS2.

We use White Rose to support our planning of the maths curriculum and follow a mastery approach. We based our learning on the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract approach and use manipulatives all the way through the learning sequence.

Our maths lessons use the 5 big ideas of mastery: fluency, representation and structure, variation, mathematical thinking and small steps. It is vital that our pupils learn to make connections and see the same mathematical concepts in different ways.

Please see below for the calculation policy, adopted from White Rose.

We encourage the children to practice their times tables and home as well as at school. All children from Year 2-6 have a log in. To access ttrockstars please click here.